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The DAT/EM KEYPAD ADVANTAGE™belongs to the DAT/EM KEYPAD product line. This option uses any tablet device running the Android® operating system (OS) and a Bluetooth® adapter for wireless communication to a desktop or laptop computer (host PC).


The Keypad Advantage is the latest keypad variant offered by DAT/EM Systems International. It offers a wireless interface in addition to the features offered by the DAT/EM ‘TouchScreen’ and ‘TouchPad.’ Like its predecessors, the Keypad Advantage may be run using an existing DAT/EM Keypad overlay or a user designed overlay. The Keypad Advantage can be run from a wide range of Android platforms; the application is compatible with all devices running Android OS 4.0 or greater.


The following hardware and services must be supplied by the user:

  • Bluetooth USB adapter dongle. DAT/EM has tested and recommends Medialink Version 4.0 Class 2; other Bluetooth adapters should work, but they have not been verified by DAT/EM.

  • Tablet computer running Android OS version 4.0 or greater. We will call this the “Android device”. A tablet computer is a popular choice due to its practical size, but an Android cellular telephone could also be used. Update the Android OS to 4.0 or higher if necessary. DAT/EM has tested and recommends Samsung products; other brands should work, but they have not been verified by DAT/EM.

  • Desktop or Laptop computer running Windows XP or Windows 7. We will call this the “host PC”. This is usually a DAT/EM stereoplotter workstation running DAT/EM Capture for AutoCAD, MicroStation, or ArcGIS.

  • Internet Service to access the Google Play Store.

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