The DAT/EM KEYPAD ADVANTAGE™belongs to the DAT/EM KEYPAD product line. This option uses any tablet device running the Android® operating system (OS) and a Bluetooth® adapter for wireless communication to a desktop or laptop computer (host PC).


The Keypad Advantage is the latest keypad variant offered by DAT/EM Systems International. It offers a wireless interface in addition to the features offered by the DAT/EM ‘TouchScreen’ and ‘TouchPad.’ Like its predecessors, the Keypad Advantage may be run using an existing DAT/EM Keypad overlay or a user designed overlay. The Keypad Advantage can be run from a wide range of Android platforms; the application is compatible with all devices running Android OS 4.0 or greater.


The following hardware and services must be supplied by the user:

  • Bluetooth USB adapter dongle. DAT/EM has tested and recommends Medialink Version 4.0 Class 2; other Bluetooth adapters should work, but they have not been verified by DAT/EM.

  • Tablet computer running Android OS version 4.0 or greater. We will call this the “Android device”. A tablet computer is a popular choice due to its practical size, but an Android cellular telephone could also be used. Update the Android OS to 4.0 or higher if necessary. DAT/EM has tested and recommends Samsung products; other brands should work, but they have not been verified by DAT/EM.

  • Desktop or Laptop computer running Windows XP or Windows 7. We will call this the “host PC”. This is usually a DAT/EM stereoplotter workstation running DAT/EM Capture for AutoCAD, MicroStation, or ArcGIS.

  • Internet Service to access the Google Play Store.


A private company based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It was established to provide complete mapping solution from Aerial data acquisition to photogrammetry to GIS implementation and remote sensig under one roof.

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