The DAT/EM Keypad is a multipurpose re-programmable touch pad. Versatile, it can be used either as an accessory to DAT/EM softcopy products or as a productivity enhancer for third- party.

The DAT/EM Keypad is a reprogrammable replacement for the Polytel Keyport 300, which is no long manufactured. Unlike the Polytel Keyport, the DAT/EM Keypad is not DOS-based; it was engineered for use with the newest Microsoft Operating Systems. The DAT/EM Keypad includes a convenient user interface for easily setting button functions.


  • Compatible with all Intel-based computers running Windows operating systems.

  • Keypad membrane has 252 easily programmable keys.

  • Durable tactile touch character keys are rated for 5 million hits.

  • Changeable 8 ½” by 11” overlay/menu is easily customized and printed on any printer.

  • A limitless number of keypad layers are supported through the user-friendly programming interface.

  • Communications via USB or 9-pin serial.

  • The DAT/EM Keypad can be used with DAT/EM Systems Capture and Map Editor for AutoCAD®, MicroStation®, and ArcGIS®.

  • A generic, custom-tailored interface provides expanded functionality for general use by launching executable programs or processing systems commands for other third-party Windows applications.

  • In addition to being easy to use, the DAT/EM Keypad is low- profile, durable, and cost effective.


A private company based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It was established to provide complete mapping solution from Aerial data acquisition to photogrammetry to GIS implementation and remote sensig under one roof.

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