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GGS 3D Photogrammetric Controller Device

GGS acquired the SoftMouse™ product line from Immersion Corporation in 2009, making GGS the largest volume provider of 3D mouse products worldwide.

Comfortable Grip = Fewer Errors

SoftMouse™ allows users to manipulate 3D photogrammetry systems with comfortable two-handed operation. SoftMouse’s™ small size and simple ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue and errors, making it perfect for users who perform thousands of tasks each day.

Efficient Data Input

Developers can use SoftMouse™ 3D to streamline data input in intensive shift-work environments. Four function keys work with two shift inputs to provide a total of 16 possible values, streamlining the data collection process.

Flexible, Customized Controls

SoftMouse™ 3D has three controls:

  • Optical encoders that allow users to control the cursor’s X, Y and Z position

  • Trigger buttons that allow users to trigger data collection or similar quick events

  • Function keys that set parameters, change modes and perform other miscellaneous functions

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