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Summit Evolution is available in four stereo-enabled product levels: Professional, Feature Collection, Lite, and Mobile. Summit UAS is a fifth version for UAS orthophoto-based mono viewing and basic 3D digitizing.


Vexcel Imaging is a leading provider of aerial and terrestrial sensor systems and fully integrated processing software.


The Schneider Digital 3D PluraView monitors feature optimized beam-splitter technology for the highest quality in stereoscopic rendering on the desktop. Our 3D PluraView monitors are ideally suited for all stereo software applications in most major industries, such as: GIS & Mapping, Photogrammetry and more..



KOLIDA Instrument (KOLIDA) is a leading manufacturer of precision surveying equipment. It offers a large collection of GPS and GNSS systems, total stations, lasers, optical instrument and software for surveying and civil engineering applications


REDcatch GmbH -specializes in drone and terrestrial 3d modeling. 
Focus on photogrammetry and LiDAR technology. 
For more than 5 years we have been developing new technological products, 
services, and software to enable easy 3D scanning of objects. 


CONTOUR logo_png.png

3D stereoscopic GIS display
Designed with the needs of GIS Professionals in mind, CONTOUR delivers bright, consistent, stereoscopic HD images in an easy-to-use, comfortable system.

Glasses-free 3D FHD display
Compatible with stereo supporting GIS software
Remote viewing of stereo 3D images in real-time


EvoLogics GmbH is a high-tech enterprise with headquarters in Berlin, Germany.

The company launched in 2000 with a strong group of scientists and R&D experts, 
aimed to develop innovative technologies for maritime and offshore industries through interdisciplinary cooperation between engineering and life sciences.

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