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Designed for 3D-Stereo Professional Users

The optimum 3D-Stereo experience – full-time operations

The Schneider Digital 3D PluraView monitors feature optimized beam-splitter technology for the highest quality in stereoscopic rendering on the desktop. Our 3D PluraView monitors are ideally suited for all stereo software applications in most major industries, such as:

  • GIS & Mapping

  • Photogrammetry

  • Oil & Gas prospecting

  • Molecular research and design

  • CGI / 3D Video editing

  • Mechanical Design / CAD

  • Crystallography/Biochemistry

  • Industrial Measuring / Laser Scanning

  • Simulation & VR training

  • BIM & 3D City model visualization

  • Computer tomography & surgical planning

  • Archeology

3D PluraView – supported applications:

Especially with GIS and photogrammetry applications, professional users are faced by the challenge of quickly loading large amounts of data and visualizing these in stereoscopic mode on a 3D-capable system. Professionals who are working daily with high-resolution 3D mesh models, stereo imagery, CAD, and GIS data, need a flicker-free, daylight-capable 3D monitor, which allows fatigue-free, stereoscopic interaction all day long.

Schneider Digital has introduced the 3D PluraView family of beam-splitter, passive 3D stereo displays, to meet these exact needs. 3D PluraView monitors are specifically designed for stereoscopic display, interfacing seamlessly to most 3D-capable software applications in industries such as photogrammetry, LiDAR point clouds, and CAD – or GIS-based 3D data visualization. Only with cross-polarized, passive stereo filters, can stereo images, intricate CAD, mesh, and other surfaces and textures be reproduced down to the smallest detail.


Aeromap Technology Systems has been the approved reseller for Schneider Digital workstations, stereo hardware and PluraView 3D-stereo monitors since 2015


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