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The Stealth Mouse is the world’s finest and most popular mouse, developed especially for 3D applications.
•   Comfortable grip and ergonomic design to reduce fatigue

•   10 High quality Swiss-made buttons rated at 10 million cycles

•   Up to 32 functions (application dependent)
•   High Resolution Z-Wheel

•   Optical Mouse Mechanism provides fast, high-resolution, and accurate pointing, and eliminates cleaning problems
•   S4 Mouse joysticks for faster motion and application specific features
•   Design protected by US Patent Nos. D457884 (S1), D615980 (S3). US Patents pending for S2 and S4
•   Made in USA
•   FCC Mark and CE Mark Approved

The Choice is Yours

Pick the original Stealth 1 Mouse (S1), the Stealth 2 Mouse (S2), the smaller Stealth 3 Mouse (S3) or the new Stealth 4 with joysticks (S4). Three interface standards for use with DAT/EM Summit Evolution or LandScape Application Software.

•   E-Type: Older version of V-Type mouse with COM port and external power supply. Not recommended.
•   V-Type: USB version of Immersion Softmouse® 3D Mouse Compatible with up to 20 functions. USB connector and Virtual Com Port.
•   Z-Type: USB version with Stealth protocol. Supports up to 32 functions.

Stealth Mouse Configuration
To configure Summit Evolution or LandScape for a USB-connected Stealth Mouse:
•   Configure the input device in Summit Evolution or LandScape at any time after DAT/EM software installation.
•   Stealth Z Mouse: In Summit Evolution or LandScape Options>Input Devices, set the input device to Stealth Z Mouse.
•   Stealth V Mouse: The Stealth V Mouse is an Immersion-emulation device. It connects to a USB port, but emulates a COM port connection. In Summit Evolution or LandScape Options>Input Devices, check on Immersion 3D Mouse and set the highest possible COM port number from the list (another COM port setting may be needed if the device does not respond with the selected COM port).

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