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TopoFlight Navigator

Topoflight Navigator

Manage your aerial survey mission 

TopoFlight is the most efficient 3D flight planning software

TopoFlight Navigator

The TopoFlight Navigator is used to navigate the airplane for image acquisition flights. A predefined flight plan (e.g. provided using TopoFlight) is used as base data. The camera is triggered at the pre-defined positions. The interface for every camera can be delivered or can be implemented by the customer himself.


























System Overview

The system consists of different modules to give the possibility to combine the actual TopoFlight Navigator with any available GPS, IMU, platform and sensor system using serial port and ethernet (TCP/IP and UDP) connections.



























TopoFlight Navigator Module


is an own executable


is the program which shows the flight lines, maps, and all navigation information


is the program with which the pilot and operator direct work during the flight


can either read the GPS coordinates directly or getting them from the DLL


is writing his actions to the DLL (for instance: new line id, next image id, actual position, image can be shot now, etc.)


is reading from the DLL (for instance: coordinates of actual position, IMU data, platform information, camera status, etc.)




























DLL Module


  • stores all the necessary data to control the camera as well as the TF Navi

  • all system components (camera handler, TF Navi, GPS, IMU) can read and write into or from the DLL to communicate using a common interface


Sensor Handler Module

  • control of all sensors and connected devices

  • release/control of all acquisition deviced (e.g.images, LiDAR), platform control

  • reads the DLL to get needed information (like image can be released, image ID, etc.)

  • writes to the DLL to give information to the TF Navi (like coordinates, IMU angles, camera status, platform information)

  • writes the log file during the flight

  • runs as executable beside TF Navi






















Connecting the system


one computer is used for all the software and is usually controlled by the camera operator

a second display is attached to the computer; it�s the pilot�s display and shows only the information relevant for the pilot


GPS, IMU and sensor platform are connected to the navigator�s computer by serial ports


between the computer and the camera there is our �Trigger and Event Control Box�


Trigger and Event Control Box












The image above shows the Trigger-Event Control Box.
It is an universal solution to support nearly every camera to release images, to forward events to other devices, e.g. IMU to assure the synchronization between different devices.
If there are special solutions needed, multiple boxes can be connected.

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