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Geospatial Services


Our photogrammetry  division employs    innovative ways  on aerial triangulation and ortho-rectification of aerial and satellite data from our highly trained experts in the industry. Our specialized skills are far from simple photogrammetric capabilities. Our in-depth analysis allows us to interpret and produce information for complete and accurate mapping solutions for our clients.

RADAR Services (Territorial Monitoring Technology)


Land Management

•  Forests and protected areas monitoring

•  Reservoir monitoring

•  Watershed mapping / monitoring

•  Cartographic update

Security, Defense and Intelligence Operations

•  Mapping areas of focus (access, features, etc.)

•  Monitoring areas of focus (suspicious movements, especially in conditions that promote greater difficulty in monitoring. During the night, protected by vegetation and periods of rain.

Risk Management and Disaster Response

•  Mapping areas of potential risk (preventive) real-time

•  Monitoring in areas affected by landslides

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