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Geospatial Services


Our LiDAR experts specialize in LiDAR data acquisition and processing where we maintain  a distinctive capacity to process highly dense LiDAR data to create accurate 3D terrain models and structural content. Processed LiDAR data are relevant to our clients from various industries such as power and energy, transportation, forestry.

LiDAR Services

  • High accuracy

  • High resolution mapping products include DEM, DOM, DSM, DLG and3D city modeling

  • Generation of Elevation Profiles

  • TIN and Contour Generation

  • Surface and Land use Classification

  • Extraction of Building and Features

  • Planimetric Mapping

  • Corridor Mapping (Rail, River, Electric Power)

  • DTM\DEM processing

  • Ortho-photo Generation

  • Geological Mapping

  • LiDAR Imagery processing

3D Laser Scan Processing & Modeling

  • Cultural Heritage

  • Vegetation

  • 2D Facade Plans

  • Shipbuilding

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