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Pythagoras Road Design

Pythagoras Road Design

Pythagoras CAD+GIS

Pythagoras Road Design

Pythagoras proves to be a powerful, yet user-friendly application for road design. Well designed windows will show you the field data and an adjusted control panel will help you design the horizontal and vertical alignment.


Integrate horizontal & vertical alignment

The top view can be extended with horizontal alignment data, while the profile view will have the possibility to add vertical alignment. This way special curves and super elevation is automatically calculated according to the proposed speed limit.


Implement widening

When needed, the width of the road will automatically change according the chosen set of parameters. This widening is necessary to allow heavy traffic using the designed road without any problems.


Add utility references to your project

When crossing wastepipes, water pipes, electricity lines, … your project should be updated with these references. Pythagoras allows adding the different types of references and shows them in profiles and cross sections.


Create extensive profiles

After finishing the horizontal and vertical design and adding the utility references, profiles can be distilled from your project. Profile and cross sections contain all necessary information for engineers and road builders.


Calculate volumes

The last step to complete all road design calculations is the volume calculation. After setting topsoil parameters and bulking factor, Pythagoras will calculate accurate volumes

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