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Pythagoras GIS 

Pythagoras offers a GIS module that allows users to create GIS maps and perform analysis on these GIS projects. Creating and filling up databases, which can be linked to any objects, make it all possible.


Create thematic & spatial maps

According to information in databases or attributes of objects the user can generate a specific layout, which visualizes a relation between objects or data.


Extensive analysis of your data

Pythagoras gives the possibility to define relationships between objects and data. After relations have been set one can search for the objects or extract detailed reports.


Advanced shape compatibility

SHAPE files can be imported, which results in a drawing existing of objects linked with data. GIS maps made in Pythagoras can be exported as SHAPE and imported in other GIS software solutions.


GIS services

Pythagoras can provide you with a fully equipped and personalized GIS system. When special functions are needed, our team can analyze your needs and create a solution that will seamlessly fit your work process. Analyzing, designing, implementing and testing, our team covers it all.


A private company based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It was established to provide complete mapping solution from Aerial data acquisition to photogrammetry to GIS implementation and remote sensig under one roof.

P.O. Box 76078, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain



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