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TERRAGO Share Anywhere
TERRAGO Products
TerraGo Edge

Mobile Forms, Field Service and Asset Management

The only mobile platform that combines smart forms and workforce management with advanced GPS & GIS features for the fastest, most accurate inspections, surveys, audits and field data collection on the planet.

TerraGo Magic

App Platform

TerraGo Magic lets end users create, deploy and manage custom apps without writing any code. With the TerraGo Magic app platform, organizations can rapidly build iOS, Android and web apps — at a fraction of the cost of traditional development.

TerraGo Publisher

Create Portable GeoPDF Maps from Esri ArcGIS

Choose which features and layers to share; embed photos, multimedia and hyperlinks; export interactive maps from ArcGIS to create free, "GIS-Lite" applications for end users

TerraGo Composer

Transform PDF Maps into GeoPDF

Convert any PDF-based map into a geo-registered GeoPDF and assemble maps from multiple sources using Adobe Acrobat.

TerraGo Toolbar

Collaborate with GeoPDF Maps & Mapbooks

A free plug-in for Adobe Reader that allows anyone to access, update and share GeoPDF maps and imagery.

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