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High-Volume Production Software

GXL is a geospatial image-processing powerhouse designed to leverage modern computing hardware unlike any other system on the market. Built around automated   ortho-mosaic   and   DEM   workflows with unlimited scalability, GXL will increase your throughput to help you realize revenues faster than ever before.


GXL addresses industry needs for high levels of automation and production capacity; resulting in a substantial improvement in speed and efficiency over traditional image- processing techniques. GXL systems are designed to grow with you, making full use of the computing resources available. Processing nodes can be added and removed as needed, allowing your system to be optimized to your production requirements.


Pixel-perfect output can be obtained in record time for any satellite and aerial image format. Exponential increases in production throughput can be achieved while maintaining accuracy and image quality that is second to none.

Color Balancing

In GXL, a bundle method was developed to produce an accurate color balancing model. Seamless mosaics can be produced regardless of seasonal anomalies, time-of-capture differences, or even differences in imaging sensors. Furthermore, the desaturation tool effectively and efficiently reduces hotspots generated from highly reflective objects in your imagery.

Benefits and Features

Better Mosaics

GXL’s color balancing and cutline methods produce stunning results quickly and automatically, reducing the need for touch-ups

and reprocessing. Manual editing is fast, simple and effective.


Higher Accuracy

Sophisticated aerial and satellite workflows provide pixel-perfect results. QA tools allow you to inspect products at chosen processing breakpoints, ensuring you’re getting

the quality you need.


Greater Productivity

With a web-interface for job management, you can create and monitor

jobs remotely and through email notifications. Automatic load-balancing distributes work across any number of connected nodes.


Multi Sensor Processing

Aerial cameras and scanners are supported, along with both legacy and the latest commercial satellites. Additional polarimetric SAR options and automatic DEM extraction and filtering is available for various sensors.

More Features

Bundle method feature produces more natural color balancing for flawless mosaics.


Airphoto bundle adjustment gives increased control, accuracy and model calculation for larger projects.


Intuitive Quality Assurance tools ensure excellent results.


Automated Accuracy Assessment uses image- matching techniques to automatically collect check points between input ortho images and control images for improved accuracy.


Live DEM Editing allows real- time touch ups of extracted DEMs for faster, more intuitive, editing.


Open Architecture lets users integrate other workflows easily without having to purchase a complete new system.

Multi-User Access via web browser increases productivity and improves QA

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