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A private company based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It was established to provide complete mapping solution from Aerial data acquisition to photogrammetry to GIS implementation under one roof.

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Satellite Imagery


A new kind of Earth Observation 


UrtheCast operates a next-generation EO system, with a unique suite of four sensors: Deimos-2, Deimos-1, and two sensors onboard the International Space Station,Theia and Iris — the world’s first full-color UHD video camera.

Unprecedented variety


Every day, UrtheCast delivers high-quality data and revolutionary

value-added products, services, and solutions to serve the rapidly-evolving geospatial and geoanalytics  markets. With this diverse data  offering, we’re building what will become the world’s most advanced, space-based Big Data geospatial collection.


The future 24-satellite Constellation


Working as one, UrtheCast’s groundbreaking 16-satellite OptiSAR™ and 8-satellite UrtheDaily™ Constellations, both under development, will revolutionize global monitoring. OptiSAR™ will provide high- resolution, high-revisit imagery in all weather conditions, day and night. Complementing the capabilities of OptiSAR™, UrtheDaily™ will provide worldwide coverage, every day at 10:30 am.