UltraCam Condor • Mark 1
The UltraCam Condor enables the collection of large regions – even continents – in record-time and producing imagery of the renowned UltraCam quality.

UltraCam Eagle • Mark 2

UltraCam Eagle featuring a user-exchangeable lens system
The UltraCam Eagle ultra-large format camera system is the only photogrammetric digital aerial sensor that features a user-exchangeable lens system to provide the aerial data acquisition company with a “workhorse” sensor to serve all its aerial acquisition missions.

UltraCam Osprey • Mark 3 Premium combines two cameras in one photogrammetric housing
More than a standard camera, the UltraCam Osprey houses two cameras in one photogrammetric grade housing, using cutting-edge technology to collect photogrammetry-grade nadir images (PAN, RGB, and NIR) and oblique images (80 Megapixel RGB) simultaneously, serving applications such as cadastre, infrastructure planning, DTMOrtho or DSMOrtho generation.

UltraCam Falcon •Mark2 

UltraCam Falcon with ultra-fast frame rate for maximum productivity With the UltraCam Falcon, Vexcel Imaging continues to add products to its third-generation camera line that maximizes customer benefits with sensor systems that provide unique features and capabilities at varying price points and for different application needs.

UltraCam Osprey • Mark 3 Essential

Urban mapping and 3D city modeling

UltraCam Osprey Mark 3 Essential for cost-effective data capture at high quality
The UltraCam Osprey is a new entry-level camera system featuring five 80 Megapixel RGB color cones for simultaneous nadir and oblique collection. An optional nadir NIR cone can be integrated to optimize for classification applications. The system is aimed at cost-sensitive buyers who need a reliable solution for urban mapping and 3D city modeling projects.


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A private company based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It was established to provide complete mapping solution from Aerial data acquisition to photogrammetry to GIS implementation and remote sensig under one roof.

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