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Airborne LiDAR Bathymetry

Aerial Photo Survey

Terrestrial (Ground) Laser Scanning

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DAT/EM - Digital Photogrammetry

Phytagoras  - GISD+CAD and CAD+GIS

KOLIDA - Survey Equipment

GeoSystem: Photogrammetric Equipment

Stereoscopic Monitor

Lizard Tech - Geospatial Software

Hi Target - GPS & Marine Equipment

ASC - R2V For Windows Software

Satellite Images

AGFA Aerial Products

Ushikata: Survey Tools

Security System & Computer Hardware

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Aeromap Technology System (AeroMap) is a private company based in the Kingdom of Bahrain . It was established to provide complete mapping solution from Aerial data acquisition to photogrammetry to GIS implementation under one roof. It is the first company of its kind where various specialized provider were collectively united and pooled to work under one contact point.



To be a professional total provider of mapping products and services under one contact point.

To reduce acquisition cost of the end user by bringing closer together various specialized providers, developer and manufacturer under one goal of satisfying the requirements.

To ensure end user/client has access to the many possibilities of providing solution to each unique situation by bringing closer together resources, methodology, hardware, advance software, services and systems as applicable.

To serve, support, and maintain services with the highest quality and standard at most affordable and competitive cost.






At AeroMap, we believe that in every problem there is an existing solution where advance technology is an integral part to achieve the highest form of result, therefore AeroMap vision is to be a total professional provider under "one roof" of various existing products, services, methodology, design and systems towards a total solution.

AeroMap is looking forward to serve and provide Middle East of its unique requirements in Aerial Photography, Photogrammetry, Construction (such as pipe laying & oil & gas facilities), City and Land Planning, Engineering Surveys, GIS Implementation, and Hydrographic Survey, with each affiliated maintenance, training, management, and manpower provision as well as technology transfer.

AeroMap operation is back up by the many years of experience of its CEO and confident staff who excel on their fields. AeroMap vision will never cease for a better tomorrow.

At AeroMap you got it all under one roof.



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